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Public Finance

About us


About us

Public Finance – the expert at your side and the reliable partner for the public sector

You make funding decisions for areas of civil life, are looking for individual investment opportunities or are responsible for efficient cash management. With Public Finance from the Austrian Anadi Bank AG you have a strong and competent partner at your side.

Our clients include government, states, cities, municipalities as well as public institutions, utility companies and housing associations.

We manage subsidised housing loans and finance the construction and renovation of road infrastructure. We finance housing, schools and hospitals, lumination projects such as the Carinthian Tower at the Pyramidenkogel and also sustainable projects such as the development of alternative energies. And this list could go on and on.


We have been serving the public sector since 1896. That is why we – as one of the few banks in Austria – set up a separate unit for Public Finance. Eight experts of the fifteen member team offer the public sector individual care and best solutions in all financial matters.

Our philosophy - " thinking traditionally, acting innovatively" - provides a strong foundation for your finances. We are happy to inform you - comprehensively and with personal commitment. We are your partner that you can speak to on the same level and that projects can be realised with. Our specially trained staff have detailed knowledge of regional markets and can also use the cross-border network of the new owner.


With Public Finance, you get a one-stop-shop:

  • Intelligent financing solutions,
  • secure investment strategies and
  • efficient cash management.

You benefit from our streamlined structures, rapid decision-making processes and unbureaucratic handling. This allows you to implement your projects optimally and successfully. We are happy to help you with individual advice regarding your investments. Please contact our experts in Public Finance.