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Building Savings

It continues in 2016 with profitable entry conditions for our building savings.

Attractive interest rates and a government bonus of 1.5% of the amount saved (maximum EUR 18) for 2016. Building savings is a sure way to save continually and finance affordably when required.

  • Building savings are not only an attractive way to save, but with an entitlement to a favourable long term loan, they are also a secure financing option.
  • They are also exempt from capital gains tax (KESt-freie) government home loan bonus for building savings for deposits up to EUR 1,200 per person per year. Up to EUR 18 for 2016.
  • Safe and profitable.
  • Whether with a higher initial interest rate or fixed interest, you create a good financial foundation in only 6 years.
  • Entitlement to a loan for housing, education and care.
  • Therefore, building savings is also the foundation for the realisation of your own four walls.
What is the maximum I can deposit to take full advantage of the government bonus?

To take full advantage of the government bonus, you can pay in up to a maximum of EUR 100 per month, an annual maximum of EUR 1,200, or a one off maximum of EUR 7,200.

Does the interest rate change during the term of the savings plan?

With the dynamic building savings the interest begins with a tasty starting interest rate for 6 months, after which the rate depends on the market interest rate. The upper limit is an interest rate of 4% and the lower limit 0.25% per annum.

For those who like to play safe, our fixed interest loan is the perfect solution. Fixed interest over the entire 6 year term.

What happens to my capital if I do not cancel at the end of the contract?

After 6 years, the balance remains in the Wüstenrot account where the current interest after the end of the 6 year term lies at 0.125% per annum.

Do I have access to my capital?

It is possible to withdraw the money before the end of the 6 year minimum commitment term, but then the government bonus is no longer applicable.

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