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The Guarantee Retirement Plan

Flexibility guaranteed. The Guarantee Retirement Plan offered by our cooperative partner the Wiener Städtische Versicherung AG Vienna Insurance Group

The multi-award winning Guarantee retirement Plan from the Wiener Städitische is a good addition to your social security. It offers a guaranteed interest rate of a classic life insurance.

The Best Time

It is never too late but generally speaking, the earlier, the better. You can start your Guarantee Retirement Plan today, or later. You can start when your retirement begins with a lump sum or single payment, and your monthly retirement payments will begin straight away.

Flexible investment return

Choose how you want to invest your returns yourself. Is stability or opportunity of higher returns more important? Choose from the selection of three investment models:

  • Classic
  • Mixed funds dynamic
  • Balanced funds progressive

Changing between different models is possible and free of charge.

Individual Retirement payout options

You can claim and flexibly access your retirement funds when you effectively retire. Your retirement funds will be paid out if you should retire earlier than planned. If you should take your retirement later than planned, your policy will be extended.

Your Retirement Plan will be paid out according to your individual wish. You decide on your retirement payout period. You decide whether, in the event of death, your dependents receive the unused capital return or whether retirement annuities should continue.

  • Guaranteed interest rate
  • Investment of earnings during the saving period into classic or unit-linked
  • Benefit claim possible at altered retirement time
  • Choice of time period of retirement payment 
  • Capital return/reimbursement or pension for surviving dependents
  • Retirement calculation based on the valid retirement annuity table upon closing of policy
  • Attractive supplementary options on request



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The Guarantee retirement Plan is a product offered by our cooperative partner Wiener Städtische AG Vienna Insurance Group.

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