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The tresorTAN is an innovative electronic signature function for Anadi Mobile Banking.

The Anadi tresorTAN App is a complement to the Anadi Mobile Banking App. It makes transaction numbers available which are necessary for carrying out transactions with the Mobile Banking App. Access is protected with your personal shortPIN and connection with your mobile device.

The most important points about the tresorTAN are:
  • the tresorTAN is made available with a separate APP,
  • the tresorTAN App must be installed on the same smart phone or tablet, which the Mobile Banking App is installed on,
  • transmission of the tresorTAN is encrypted,
  • access to the tresorTAN App is protected by input of your personal shortPIN and connection with your mobile device,
  • it is not necessary to send an SMS.

The tresorTAN can be used as an alternative to the mobileTAN in Mobile Banking.

What is required for the use of the Anadi tresorTAN?
  • The latest version of theAnadi Mobile Banking and the Anadi tresorTAN App must be downloaded and installed on your smartphone or tablet.
  • The tresorTAN electronic signature function must be activated in your Mobile Banking App.


To find out how to activate the tresorTAN as an electronic signature function in the Mobile Banking App, read above under „How do I activate the tresorTAN app.“

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This is how to activate the tresorTAN electronic signature funktion

Install the tresorTAN app

  1. Download the tresorTAN app from the AppStore (Google Play or AppStore).
  2. Log in with your online banking user data (user number, user name, PIN).
  3. Then establish a connection with your mobile device. For this purpose give your mobile device a name and click on the button “connect”.
  4. Then you can connect with the shortPIN which you use for Mobile Banking.

Attention: If you are not already using the shortPIN as a fast login option in your Mobile Banking app, you can choose a 4-digit numerical combination here in the tresorTAN app. In the future you can connect to the tresorTAN app with this shortPIN. Only one and the same shortPIN is valid for Mobile Banking, Quick-Check and the tresorTAN app.

Activate shortPIN

  1. To activate your shortPIN click “yes”.
  2. Choose a 4-digit PIN.
  3. Repeat the 4-digit PIN.

The shortPIN can be changed at any time under “Settings / Apps / shortPIN”. The change is then immediately valid for future logins.

Activate the electronic signature function

In order to be able to use the tresorTAN, you must activate the electronic signature function in Mobile Banking. For this purpose, simply follow the instructions in point 2 "Activate tresorTAN as an alternative electronic signature function in Mobile Banking".

Activate tresorTAN as an alternative electronic signature function in Mobile Banking

  1. Open the Mobile Banking app and log in. 
  2. Click on “my data” (under your personal area, the gray image on the right side of your screen) and then click on the tab “electronic signature function”. Here you will see various electronic signature functions. Initially the mobileTAN electronic signature function is activated and defined as default. 
  3. Now click on the pencil next to tresorTAN in order to open the editing tab.

Choose an electronic signature function

  1. Click on “yes” under the point “activate tresorTAN”. Your current choice is highlighted in yellow.

    If you would like to use the tresorTAN as a default electronic signature function, click on “yes” next to the option “use as default”. If tresorTAN is defined as a default, it will be the first option displayed for future transactions. You can choose mobileTAN as the electronic signature function at any time directly in a transaction. Find more details under the option “sign transactions with tresorTAN.
  2. If you log in to Mobile Banking with your shortPIN, you must verify your identity with your PIN under the option “Login”. 
  3. After successfully verifying your identity, the Login button changes to “sign now”. Click on this button. You immediately receive a mobileTAN sent to you. 
  4. Afterwards enter the mobileTAN sent to you by SMS in the yellow field and click on the button “sign” in order to confirm completing the transaction.

Now you have activated the tresorTAN electronic signature function for the Anadi Mobile Banking app.

Sign transactions with tresorTAN

If you wish to sign a transaction with tresorTAN, make sure that the option electronic signature function “tresorTAN” is selected and click on “sign now”.

If you define tresorTAN as the default, the tresorTAN electronic signature function will always be displayed. You can change this to the mobileTAN electronic signature function at any time. In order to do this, click on the arrow next to tresorTAN. This opens a drop-down menu. At this point click on mobileTAN. Then you receive the usual SMS with a mobileTAN.


Now switch to the tresorTAN app:

  1. Enter your shortPIN. 
  2. Check the summary of transaction data.  
  3. Copy the tresorTAN at the end of the summary and paste this in the corresponding field in Mobile Banking in order to sign the transaction.


Our video explains to you how to carry out a transaction in the Mobile Banking app using tresorTAN.

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