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pay4use Account

A flexible account for all phases of life

The pay4use Account is especially for customers who have a very low number of transactions. Our pay4use Account gives you all the inexpensive basic functions of a current account and offers you more individual additional benefits.

  • Only pay for what is used.
  • Inexpensive account managment for only EUR 9.28 per quarter.
  • Comprehensive additional services.
  Product details   pay4use Account

Target group:

Private persons

Account management fee:

EUR 9,34 per quarter

Account statements:

Subject to a fee based on individual use

Included servies:

Individual additional services:

  • Maestro debit Card* with contactless payment function
  • credit card with or without insurance protection
  • personal account overdraft limit with inexpensive Overdraft insurance (Life insurance) helps you remain spontaneous, solvent and flexible.
Terms and conditions
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* A Maestro debit card with contactless payment function and standard availability limits (up to EUR 400 cash withdrawal per day and up to EUR 1,100 POS payment limit per week) is included. For cards with higher availability limits a surcharge applies as stated on the current Austrian Anadi Bank AG list which is on display at branches.

Which services does the pay4use Account offer?

In the case of a minimum number of transactions, the pay4use Account is the ideal package for you. You only pay for what you use.

  • Inexpensive fee structure.
  • Individual additional services.
Which additional products do we offer you?

Upon request we offer you the following additional products with attractive conditions:

  • Maestro debit card* with a contactless payment function.
  • Credit card with or without insurance protection.

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