Power Kombi

Power Combo

Savings passbook plus funds – a smart investment duo

Flexible solution for your investment
An Austrian Anadi Bank AG savings passbook and one of two selected funds from the Amundi Group, together with comprehensive advice from highly qualified experts, are the key elements for your successful investment. Comprehensive advice is indeed a special concern for us, since different risks can arise depending on the fund you choose. The total return on the Power Combo can be lower due to the performance of the selected fund and the fees and costs arising (e.g. offering premium), and the total investment result can be negative.

Basic information*

  • Product advantages

    Minimum investment EUR 10,000.00

  • Product advantages

    Interest paid on savings passbook with a term of 36 months

  • The invested capital is split (with 50% being placed in the savings passbook and 50% in the fund)


*Amounts of EUR 10,000.00 can be invested. Half of the capital is invested in a savings passbook offering an interest rate of 0.90% p.a. for the 1st year, 1.20% p.a. for the 2nd year and 1.50% p.a. for the 3rd year (less capital gains tax), subject to observance of the full term of 36 months, and the other half is invested (without any commitment period) in one of two funds of the Amundi Group which are available for selection. In the event of premature withdrawal, a penalty is charged in accordance with § 32 (8) of the Austrian Banking Act (BWG) in the amount of 1 per mille of the amount withdrawn for each full month in which the commitment period has not been observed.

Measured by assets under management, Amundi is one of the largest asset managers in Europe and one of the largest investment companies in the world (source: IPE “Top 400 asset managers” published in June 2017, based on the assets under management as at December 2016.)

Funds available for selection:

  • Amundi Funds Protect 90 – AE
    Investment strategy: Globally investing mixed fund with a capital protection guarantee equal to 90% (guarantor: Amundi S.A.) of the highest net asset value recorded, investing worldwide in various asset classes. Managed by Amundi Luxembourg SA.
    Investment strategy: Alternative investment fund in real estate, investing mainly in commercial properties in France and Europe and also in financial assets in the form of shares and bonds of companies active in the real estate sector. Managed by Amundi Immobilier S.A.

Risk notice
You can select either of the above funds for the Power Combo. The two funds available have different risk profiles, so that your Power Combo has either a higher or a lower risk structure. Because the risk level also reflects the opportunity for profit, investors should note that the performance of the two funds is different. Generally speaking, the more risky Power Combo variants are associated with greater opportunities for profit, but also greater risks of loss.

Any investment in a fund is associated with a certain risk, and even the total loss of the amount invested in a fund cannot be excluded. Your adviser will help you select a suitable combination to match your personal risk tolerance. The total return on the Power Combo can be lower due to the performance of the selected fund and the fees and costs arising (e.g. offering premium), and the total investment result can be negative. However, this is just one reason why we take the provision of detailed advice very seriously.

The right coaching is essential
The “right coaching” means informing you not only about the opportunities but also the risks associated with your investment. We would therefore like to list some important points that you should be aware of. It goes without saying that our experts will also explain everything to you in detail.

Warning notices pursuant to § 128 of the Austrian Investment Funds Act (InvFG) 2011 concerning the Amundi Funds Protect 90 – AE: The investment fund may be subject to increased volatility because of the portfolio composition or the management techniques used, i.e. the value of the fund units is exposed to wide upwards and downwards fluctuations, even within short periods of time. Within the framework of the investment strategy, investments can be made mainly in sight deposits or time deposits, and/or in the units of other investment funds.

Important notice for OPCIMMO investors in Austria: Neither OPCIMMO nor Amundi Immobilier S.A. are subject to supervision by the Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA) or any other Austrian authority. Their supervision is exclusively the responsibility of the French financial market authority (Autorité des Marchés Financiers – AMF). Any prospectuses, key investor documents (KID) and simplified prospectuses that have been issued have not been examined by the FMA or any other Austrian authority. Neither the FMA nor any other Austrian authority is liable for the correctness or completeness of the sales materials.

Risk notice: OPCIMMO directly and/or indirectly holds real estate properties whose sale requires certain periods of time that will depend on the conditions in the real estate and financial markets. In case of a redemption request for your fund units, your invested capital will be paid back at the latest after two (2) months, in accordance with the conditions set out in the prospectus. Please note that the capital paid back may be less than the amount you originally invested if the value of the assets acquired by the fund has decreased due to the conditions in the real estate and financial markets during the period of your investment. The recommended investment period is eight (8) years.

Disclaimer: This is an advertising communication intended exclusively for information purposes, which does not in any way represent a substitute for professional advice based on the investor and the investment product in question, or comprehensive clarification of the risks involved (each product has a different risk level). It is not an offer or request to buy or sell, or an invitation to submit an offer, or a recommendation to buy or sell. The applicable conditions as set out in the respective published prospectus for the investment instrument (OPCIMMO in English and Amundi Funds Protect 90 – AE in German) and the “Key Investor Documents” (KID – in German) are exclusively authoritative; these conditions (including any amendments thereto) can be obtained free of charge at any of the branches of Austrian Anadi Bank AG, Domgasse 5, 9020 Klagenfurt am Wörthersee or can be found at www.austrian-anadi-bank.com. The units of funds may only be sold or offered for sale in jurisdictions in which such offer or sale is permitted. Therefore, the two investment funds available for selection may not be directly or indirectly offered for sale or sold to citizens of the United States of America or persons resident there. No guarantee is provided in regard to any of the information contained herein. All information subject to change. Last updated September 2017. This communication has been prepared by: Austrian Anadi Bank AG, Domgasse 5, 9020 Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, commercial register number FN 245157a/Klagenfurt Regional Court.