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Anadi Online Products: Save for goals or flexibility it is entirely in your hands.

With the Anadi Online Sparen (saving) your money is daily available from the very first Euro. With the Anadi Online Festgeld you have a long term commitment for your money to secure a top interest rate for the whole periode This makes saving fun again.

Anadi Online Festgeld

0.71 % interest p.a. less CGT for 6 months

0.81 % interest p.a. less CGT for 12 months

0.91 % interest p.a. less CGT for  36 months





Minimum EUR 2,500.00 – max. EUR 500,000.00 per Festgeld tranche and per customer


Internet banking with mobileTAN process


Any monies which have not previously been managed at Austrian Anadi Bank AG can be used as a deposit on an Anadi Online Festgeld.

Free of charge

No charge is made for account management, internet banking,
the Anadi Mobile Banking App and electronic account statements (PDF)

Period of validity

Am At the end of the agreed term your invested capital plus interest and less CGT is available on your specified Festgeld settlement account.


If you would like to reinvest the total amount or any part amount at the end of the agreed term, you can extend your existing Anadi Online Festgeld up to 24 hours before it expires. To do this, go into internet banking and find the Option “Prolongation” under the menu item “Festgeld”, and specify the type of prolongation, the investment period and the investment amount.


We offer maximum security for your deposit. Your credit balance (with interest) is secured up to a maximum payment amount of EUR 100,000.00 per person. This protection applies independently of the number of accounts or savings accounts you hold. Austrian Anadi Bank AG is a shareholder of Hypo Haftungs-Gesellschaft m.b.H., which is responsible for deposit guarantee schemes within the Association of Regional Mortgage Banks.
More information about deposit protection and investor compensation..

Compound interest effect

Are you aiming for maximum income? Then you can benefit twice over with our attractive interest rates on your Festgeld investment and our easy-to-use internet banking system. Just set up your Anadi Online Festgeld for the desired period, and your money grows automatically. If you specify a term of more than one year, you benefit from our lucrative compound interest effect - at no extra cost to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

We answer frequently asked questions about the Anadi Online Festgeld here.

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Details of Anadi Online Festgeld

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Anadi Online Sparen: With Anadi Online Sparen your savings will grow at 0.60 % p.a. less CGT

Deposit/Contract Period

Flexible deposit, no fixed contract period


Internet banking with mobileTAN system

Free of Charge

Account management, Internet banking, Anadi Mobile Banking App and electronic account statements (pdf)

Deposit Protection

With us, you profit from maximum security. Your savings (including interest) are secured up to a maximum withdrawable amount of EUR 100.000,- per person. This protection exists independently of the number of your current and savings accounts.
Austrian Anadi Bank plc is a partner of Hypo Haftungs-Gesellschaft Ltd., which is responsible for the protection of deposits (pdf) of the association of state- and mortgage banks.

Click here for more information on deposit protection and investor compensation (pdf).


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Details of Anadi Online Sparen