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Thank you for the interest you have expressed in Austrian Anadi Bank AG and for your confidence in us.

This data privacy statement applies in respect of our website and for the apps available from Austrian Anadi Bank AG.  The website may contain links to other suppliers. This data privacy statement does not extend to these suppliers and we cannot accept any liability in regard to them.

All elements on this website are copyright protected and are exclusively the property of Austrian Anadi Bank AG and/or its direct or indirect subsidiaries. Third party copyrights are reserved. The elements are only freely usable for browsing purposes; if elements are reproduced in any form (electronically or in writing), an express reference to Austrian Anadi Bank AG must be included. Republication of any elements requires the explicit consent of Austrian Anadi Bank AG.

In the course of your visit to our website it may be necessary to collect personal data from you. Austrian Anadi Bank is aware of the importance of the personal data you entrust to us. We guarantee that the data provided by customers and interested parties while visiting our website and using our apps will be protected. Personal data is protected in Austria under the Austrian Data Protection Act [Datenschutzgesetz (DSG 2000)]. This means that the collection, processing and use of such data are precisely regulated. The information below explains what data is recorded during your visit to the website and when you use the apps, and how the data is used.

1. Personal information
Personal data is information that can be directly attributed to you personally, for example your name, address, telephone number, email address or date of birth. Personal data is only recorded and processed if you have actively provided the information in question, for example when registering to receive our newsletter, or participating in lotteries, or submitting a service request.

In the context of the transmission and storage of personal data, the latest generation of encryption methods and access control systems are used in order to provide the best possible protection from unauthorised access.

Information which cannot be directly attributed to you personally is referred to as indirect personal data. Whenever our website is accessed or file stored on the website is retrieved, the event in question is logged. The storage of such data serves internal system-related statistical purposes. The following items are logged: IP address, date and time of visit, name of the site visited or the file retrieved, Web browser.

2. Use and forwarding of personal data
If you place personal data at our disposal, we will use it only insofar as is necessary for the conclusion of contracts, or to respond to your query, or for registration on the website or an app. Your personal data will only be passed on to third parties if this is necessary for the purpose of fulfilling the contract, and if you have given your approval beforehand, or in order to comply with a request from Austrian authorities following corresponding court proceedings or on the basis of statutory regulations.

3. Right to information concerning data; correction and deletion of data
You have the right at any time to information concerning your stored data, and the right to correct and delete such data, subject to the conditions of the Austrian Data Protection Act (in particular §§26-28 DSG 2000). You can contact us on this matter in writing by post at the company address as stated in the legal information.

4. Cookies
Cookies are used at various points on our website. Cookies are small text files that make it possible for a user to be recognised when he or she uses the site again. However, no personal information (such as names and addresses) are stored. In other words: you cannot be identified by the information in question. We use cookies to tailor our services to your needs and to analyse how our services are used. You can set your browser so that your consent has to be obtained before any cookies are used, or to block the use of cookies generally. In principle, our services can also be used without cookies.

5. Social networks and automatic downloading of images
We work together with various social networks. When you use these services your browser will be automatically connected with the network in question, and will transmit your IP address and also other information, like cookies, if you have already visited or logged on to the platform in question. As far as possible we avoid this kind of data transmission until you actually interact with one of the platforms. By clicking on the respective symbol (e.g. the Facebook logo) you indicate that you are willing to communicate with the selected platform (in this case, Facebook) and consent to information about you (such as your IP address) being transmitted to this social network.

The purpose and extent of the data collection by the social media, and the further processing and use of your data by the social media as well as your rights in this regard and the setting options for protecting your private sphere, are set out in the notes on data protection applicable to the platform in question, e.g. Facebook (available at:

6. Google Analytics
In order to track this website we use Google Analytics, a web analysis service provided by Google Inc. to facilitate analysis of the use of the website. The information generated by the use of Google Analytics as a result of your use of our website (including your IP address) is transmitted to a server of Google Inc. in the USA and stored there. Google will use this information to evaluate your use of the website, to compile reports on website activities for the website operators, and to provide further services associated with the use of the website and the use of the Internet. Under no circumstances will Google connect your IP address with other data of Google.

By using this website you state that you agree to the data concerning you which has been collected being processed by Google in the manner described and for the above named purpose.
You can at any time object to the collection and storage of your data with effect for the future. You can deactivate the use of cookies by Google at:

You can at any time object to the processing of your data by Google Analytics, so that your visits to our websites will in future no longer be logged. This requires the activation of so called “opt out cookies”. Please activate the following links if you would like to object to the processing of your data: Opt-out for Google Analytics

7. Use of Google Maps
For the location of branches or cash dispensers and the representation of these on an interactive map, we use the “Google Maps API” map service from Google Inc., which has its registered office in the USA. Through the use of Google Maps, information concerning the use of the app is transmitted to Google servers in the USA and stored there. As part of its own data privacy statement, Google undertakes not to pass on information to third parties, although it does make certain exceptions. Accordingly, data gathered in this way may be transmitted to third parties if this is required by law in the USA, or insofar as the data is processed by third parties on behalf of Google.

The conditions of use for Google Maps can be found under “Conditions of use for Google Maps”:

Further details can be found at the data protection centre of transparency and choice options and data protection provisions

8. Online banking
Online banking enables you to undertake bank transactions via the Internet.

When you open an online banking account, you will receive from us your personal access data. In order to be able to access your personal bank data, you must first identify yourself with this access data. This authentication and all further data transmissions take place via an encrypted https connection. The data processing takes place at ARZ Allgemeines Rechenzentrum GmbH, Tschamlerstrasse 2, 6020 Innsbruck.

a) Data preparation and categorisation of activity
Your data is automatically analysed and prepared for the purpose of better presentation. This includes the full indexation of your data and the categorisation of activity. Categorisation of activity means the allocation of activities to individual categories, in the event of electronic payment. Subsequently the data is used to create personalised offers.

b) Co-browsing
Co-browsing is a guided live demonstration for the purpose of providing customer support, during which content can be jointly and simultaneously navigated within a browser window by physically separated persons (the Bank and the customer). The Bank has no view of or access to any information which is outside the browser window.

c) Peer group comparison
A peer group is a group that is comparable in terms of certain characteristics, for example sex, date of birth, civil status, income, expenditure, number of persons in the household, number of children, country, federal state. In a peer group comparison, the data of the participating persons is passed on in anonymised form and compared. The calculated reference values are made available to all participants. Participation in a peer group comparison, and the passing on of data associated therewith, occur only after all participants have given their consent. It should be pointed out that it is predominantly persons in Austria that take part in peer group comparisons, and therefore under certain circumstances the significance of the results may not be accurate for other countries of residence.

9. Mobile banking app for mobile phone and tablet
The mobile banking app represents the full functional scope of the online banking platform within an app.

a) Use of push messages
The mobile banking app uses push messages, which make it possible for an information message from the mobile banking app to be represented directly on your mobile or tablet. The push notification system of your operating system is used. The possibility cannot be excluded that the provider of the operating system for your mobile or tablet may receive the data and that the data will then be transmitted to the USA. It should be pointed out that under certain circumstances push messages may fail due to a fault. In the event of the failure of push messages due to unforeseen events, no liability arises for Austrian Anadi Bank, if Austrian Anadi Bank has taken appropriate security measures such as would normally be undertaken by a bank. Push messages continue to be retrievable in the mobile banking app even if they have been deleted from your mobile or tablet.

b) Access to functions
The mobile banking app uses numerous functions of your mobile/tablet. The mobile banking app will use the camera (to record QR codes), the network connection (to use the web content), the location (only for queries regarding the location of branches and cash dispensers), the system tools (for push messages), the memory (to execute the mobile banking application), the “deactivation of standby mode” and “vibration alarm control”. This access is necessary in order for the functions of the mobile banking app to be used. Please note that you give your agreement to the use of the functions by Download or updating of the app. Any revocation of certain functions is only possible with heavy restrictions on the use of the mobile banking app and / or by not using the mobile bank app. Access to the functions occurs only if this is absolutely necessary for the execution of a particular action by the mobile banking app.

10. tresorTAN app
The tresorTAN app is an alternative way of delivering transaction numbers (TANs) to identify orders. The TresorTAN app is a stand-alone application which you have to download and install on your terminal. When you use the tresorTAN identification, a TAN is provided for you in encrypted form in the tresorTAN app. You will be notified of this by push message. In the tresorTAN app, the characteristic data for the transaction are shown again, to recheck the order. The tresorTAN is only valid once for the specific order in question.

No assurance or guarantee
Austrian Anadi Bank AG constantly monitors and updates the information on its websites. Although all due care is exercised, it is possible that data may have changed before the corresponding updates have been made. Consequently, no liability can be accepted and no guarantee can be given for the information provided being up to date, correct and complete. This also applies in respect of all other websites to which reference is made by means of a hyperlink. Any connection established with such websites occurs at the user’s risk. Austrian Anadi Bank AG is not responsible for the content of these websites. Austrian Anadi Bank AG reserves the right to make changes and additions to the information provided.

Furthermore, Austrian Anadi Bank AG does not use this website in order to provide you or any other third parties with advice or recommendations. The information and/or elements on the website are not a reliable basis for making decisions.

In principle, Austrian Anadi Bank AG is not liable for damage arising in connection with the website, unless Austrian Anadi Bank AG has caused such damage intentionally or through gross negligence, and then only to the extent that it has proportionally contributed to the occurrence of the damage.

In particular, Austrian Anadi Bank AG is not liable for any damage arising in connection with faults in the user’s hardware or software required for displaying the website, or as a result of any failure to set up a connection with Austrian Anadi Bank AG, in the absence of any culpability or negligence extending beyond ordinary negligence on the part of Austrian Anadi Bank AG. In addition Austrian Anadi Bank AG accepts no liability for damage due to delays or misrouting occurring outside of its sphere of influence.

The exchange of data is effected via public and unprotected equipment of Telekom or other third parties. Austrian Anadi Bank AG accepts no liability for damage and/or lost profit arising for users in consequence of transmission errors, technical faults, line interruptions, delays, disruptions or unlawful interference in equipment belonging to Telekom or other third parties.

Austrian Anadi Bank AG is not liable for damage arising from misdirected or lost postal items, transmission errors, mistakes, interruptions, delays, omissions or disruptions of any kind, or from interference (including unlawful interference) in equipment of Austrian Anadi Bank AG or in the rest of the system, unless Austrian Anadi Bank AG has caused such damage intentionally or through gross negligence, and then only to the extent that it has proportionally contributed to the occurrence of the damage. Under no circumstances is Austrian Anadi Bank AG liable for lost profit.

Austrian Anadi Bank AG is not liable for errors arising as a result of improper handling of a program by the user, or as a result of program modifications undertaken by the user or by third parties.

System requirements
We strongly advise against the use of older browsers and operating systems, since existing security loopholes will no longer be closed by the manufacturer as the corresponding software is no longer under maintenance.

Generally, it is advisable always to maintain your operating system and browser up to the most recently available version in order to provide the minimum attack surface.

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