Identification - EU | Austrian Anadi Bank

Customers with the place of recidence in the EU - Individuals

Identification by the bank

Required documents:

  • Completed customer data sheet
  • Copy of the applicant´s passport
  • Confirmation of identification and active business relationship (= Letter of good standing)
  • First payment has to be done from an account, prior to the opening of which the  customer has been identified in accordance with EU regulations compliant with the Third Money Laundering Directive.
Datasheet - individuals
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Letter of good standing
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If you would like to enjoy the benefits of our International Current Account please return the required documents. Ideally, we would like you to send your documents via E-Mail or postal service to one of the following addresses: Contact for individuals

Once we have received all needed documents, we will forward you further information and the invoice upon the administration fees involved. Upon receipt of payment, we will immediately process your application.

Our client managers will contact you directly.