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Occupational Pension

Occupational pensions. Saving taxes, reducing costs, creating wealth!

There are many different ways and possible combinations in establishing a solution in the area of occupational pensions. Every company and every branch has different prerequisites and requirements. We are here for you. We are happy to visit you at your company. And, of course, we will discuss all available options for occupational pension plans with the company management, with staff/employee representatives and, if so desired, also with your tax consultants. Together with you, we will indentify the solution that best suits your needs.

Offering occupational pensions is a motivator and connector.

A Pension Commitment is interesting if you are:

  • An executive or managing associate of a limited liability company
  • Wanting to provide long-term security and an incentive for long-term commitment to the company for members of the company management and for key personnel
  • Looking for a cost-effective alternative to salary increases
  • Wanting to improve your appeal in the employment market
When gross stays net.

A real "tax gift": Employees can use up to EUR 300,- p.a. as a tax-free investment in their pensions. There are two ways of doing this:

Two forms are available:

As Social Benefit:

  • The employer pays the EUR 300,- into a pension insurance policy for all of the employees or for predefined groups of employees
  • This does not incur incidental wage costs. The expenditures count as tax-deductable operating costs

As Tax-Free Pension for the Employee:

  • The employer enables employees to build a safeguard for their future
  • The amount is deducted from the salary and is fully invested into a pension plan
  • In this way, employees build up a tax-free safeguard for their future
  • Simultaneously, companies are able to reduce their incidental wage costs
In order for you to stay solvent.

As a means to make sufficient provisions to fulfill all legal requirements regarding obligatory severence payments, we offer:

  • Ensuring the severence payment – you build up capital safely
  • Outsourcing the severence payment – building a tax-free reserve for severence payments

You decide for which employees you create which reserves with which model.

Securing pensions, reducing Incidental wage costs.

For every company, the corporate group insurance is a safe way of making provisions for your employees' future and an effective addition to the state pension system.

  • During the saving phase, the amount paid towards the insurance plan is tax-free (gross equals net), and does not create any additional incidental wage costs for the company.
  • The pension is taxed only at the time of payout.
  • The corporate group insurance is a useful instrument to motivate valuable employees and to strengthen their loyalty and commitment to the company.
  • Pensions from a corporate group insurance have a guaranteed interest rate and the conditions of the pension are guaranteed for life. The pension is directly paid out to the employee.

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