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International Cash Management

International Cash Management

All accounts at a glance. Secure, fast and simple.

Your business activities go beyond national borders and you use different banks in different countries? The international Cash Management from the Anadi Bank guarantees a cross-border account overview.

  • Electronic account information: Through a master account you are provided with information about your entire domestic and foreign bank accounts and account balances directly through Office Banking.
  • Electronic account scheduling: You can perform transfers between your master account and your accounts in foreign banks daily. Guarantee of secure and simple processing.
  • Uniform service: Through agreements between banks, a controlled process and high quality of service are ensured.
  • Free Hotline: Service and support for online banking.
  • Technical requirements: PC, laptop or network server, Pentium 4, or compatible processors, 300 MB of memory (free hard drive space)
  • 1 GB RAM, Windows MacOS or Linux, Java 1.6, screen resolution 1024 * 768, internet access, software for Office Banking
  • Access to your user number, user name and PIN. Authorisation by means of mobileTAN, iTAN or digital signature, user management, encrypted communication

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