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Savings goals

We help you to achieve your savings goals.

It is often said that “the journey is the goal”. Your goals are your wishes, and we help you to make your wishes come true. Step by step, day by day. With a savings product (Anadi Online Sparen or Anadi Cash Card), you have already laid the foundation. With savings goals, you can easily and conveniently visualise the realisation of your wishes.

Sparziele anlegen und personalisieren

Setting up your goals

New savings goals can be set up quickly and easily.

Under “Finances”, select “Savings goals” and set up a new savings goal. You can enter the name, the desired date for achieving your savings goal, and the amount that is to be saved. In addition, you can conveniently activate messages which you will receive as soon as you have achieved your savings goal, or if your savings goal is at risk.

Sparziele bearbeiten

Modifying your goals

Existing savings goals can be modified quickly and easily.

In this view, you can transfer amounts between your individual accounts or savings goals using drag&drop. Once all amounts have been transferred as desired, you can execute all personal transfers by clicking “Apply”. Only then will all amounts be transferred and the process completed! Since these are personal transfers, it is not necessary to enter a TAN.

Übersicht nach Sparzielen

“Savings goals” overview

Keep your savings goals in view.

On the overview page, you can see all your savings goals and the status of each goal.
If you select a savings goal, you get a detailed summary with all information, such as the duration, the amount saved, the amount still to be saved, the savings status expressed in percent, and detailed information concerning the savings account the goal is linked to.

Übersicht Zeitleiste

“Time bar” overview

Your savings goals at a glance on a time bar.

Your savings goals and the status of each goal are clearly displayed for you on a time bar, grouped according to “important” or “desired” savings goals.

Übersicht nach Konten

“Accounts” overview

Your savings goals are linked to your account.

Here you can see at a glance what savings goals are set up on your savings account. The most important information is clearly displayed for you.

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