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eps Online-Transfer

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eps Online-Transfer

eps Online-Transfer: The simple and easy payment system for your web shop!

The eps Online-Transfer (electronic payment standard) is a simple and, most importantly, secure, online payment system for purchases on the internet, developed by the Austrian banks and the independent Association for Cooperation in Payment Transfers (http://eservice.stuzza.at/en/).

You want to provide your customers with a safe and practical way to make payments in your web shop?

The payment system "eps Online-Transfer" enables a guaranteed processing of payments for products and services in your web shop in the  Austrian as well as the  German market – all without much technical effort. Once your customer makes a payment via eps Online-Transfer, you receive a receipt for immediate proof of payment.

What is eps Online-Transfer?
eps Online-Transfer is a simple and secure online payment system for purchases on the internet via online banking!

How you can profit from eps Online-Transfers:

  • As a distributor or seller, you receive a receipt for immediate proof of payment issued by buyer's bank. You no longer have to wait until payments are lodged and registered.
  • You can immediately indentify the payment via the unique and unchangeable reference information included with the receipt and, thus, quickly initiate the delivery of the purchased goods, services or downloads.
  • An eps Online-Transfer includes a "Realtime"-Performance Guarantee: Payment orders are checked by the bank's computer system and successful payment orders are immediately confirmed online and irrevocably processed.
  • With the eps Online-Transfer payment system, you reach out to all online banking customers with banks participating in this standard and, thus, open your shop for a large number of potential buyers. The eps Online-Transfer is also connected to the German online payment system giropay. Therefore, you can additionally reach out to all customers of the German Sparkasse, Raiffeisenbank, Volksbank and Postbank branches.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • High potential buyer and customer base in Austria and Germany
  • Payment confirmation by the buyer's bank in real-time
  • Closed electronic payment cycle
  • Highest security an data protection
  • No additional software or hardware needed 

This is how the eps Online-Transfer works for your customers:
Your customer chooses a product or service from your web shop. He or she selects the eps Online-Transfer as his or her preferred method of payment by clicking a button and is then directed to a list of all participating banks. After selecting his or her bank, the customer is connected to the bank's online banking. After successful authorisation (via TAN or digital signature), the amount due is tranferred to your account. You and your buyer both receive an electronic confirmation of the order from us.

How safe is the eps Online-Transfer?
The eps Online-Transfer works with SSL-Encryption and MD5-Fingerprinting. The transfer order form in the internet banking is automatically filled with all data relevant to the payment order (recipient, amount, reference). This prevents mistakes or other changes by the buyer and guarantees unambiguous identification of the payment among all incoming payments.

Are there any technical requirements?
Your web shop is connected to the servers of all participating Austrian and German banks and savings banks (Sparkassen) via a technical interface. No other special hardware or software installations are necessary. For more information about the technical implementation, click here.

Pay safely online

Shopping online without constantly having to provide your personal data? In the interne tage, this is, sadly, not yet a common practice. The eps Online-Transfer makes a difference: With the eps Online-Transfer you use the known and secure environment of your online banking and you do not have to disclose any sensitive information to the web shop.

What is eps Online-Transfer?
eps Online-Transfer is a simple and secure online payment system of Austrian banks for purchases on the internet via your trusted online banking!

Why use eps Online-Transfer for payments on the internet?

Highest level of security: The payment process is conducted exclusively in the highly secure and trusted online banking environment of your bank.
Protection of personal data: Your order in the web shop is strictly separated from the payment process in your online banking. During the entire process, none of your banking-specific data is ever disclosed or temporarily saved. The authorisation of your payment takes places directly via the trusted environment of your bank's online banking. 
The supplier or seller never receives any sensitive data.
Simple & practical
: No further registration or entry of access codes is necessary. International: eps Online-Transfer is compatible with the German giropay system. So you can also shop in German online shops that show the shared eps Online-Transfer/giropay logo.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Highest level of security and protection of your banking data
  • Uses your familiar online banking environment for making payments
  • No additional registration necessary
  • Simple and practical to use
  • No additional costs
  • International

How do online payments with eps work?
In the web shop, select the payment option "eps Online-Transfer". Now a separate window with with the login to your online banking opens. After successful login, you process your payment as you would with any other payment in your online banking.


Why is eps Online-Transfer safer for you than other payment systems?
Your banking-specific data is not requested by any third party and is also never temporarily saved at any time in the entire eps Online-Transfer process. Your bank never forwards any of your banking-specific data to the distributor or seller.


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