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CardTAN - Procedure

Signing easy and safely

cardTAN is the new signing system used by all Austrian banks. This procedure was developed in cooperation with STUZZA, the Association for Cooperation in Payment Transfers, and provides increased user security.

What is cardTAN used for?

All electronic banking products of Austrian Anadi bank use cardTAN to authorise (sign) transactions.

How does the cardTAN procedure work?

In order to use the cardTAN procedure, you only need:

  • Your cardTAN card or your Austrian Anadi Bank Maestro debit card with built-in cardTAN functionality
  • The cardTAN-Generator.

Features at a glance:
  • Because of its size, the cardTAN-Generator fits into any pocket.
  • No additional software is necessary.
  • The cardTAN-Generator does not store any personal data and can only be used with an activated card.

Highest possible security:
  • The combination of card, separate generator and individually defined Electronic Banking PIN guarantees the highest possible security in online banking.
  • In order to calculate the cardTAN, data from the specific transaction is included, which inextricably links the TAN to the registered order.
  • The TAN is only generated once you have compared and approved the transaction data on the display of the cardTAN-Generator with the original documents.
  • The generated TAN can only be used for the current procedure and, in this way, is of no use for fraudulent purposes.


Example for cardTAN:

Ablauf Zahlung mit cardTAN, Teil 1

Ablauf Zahlung mit cardTAN, Teil 2

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