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Golden Kids Savings Account

Golden KIDS Savings Account

The „Golden KIDS Saving Account“ is our young savers´ modern day piggy bank.

The Golden Kids Savings Account offers our young savers the opportunity to put their first Euros in their own savings account and thereby learn to save playfully. The Golden KIDS Savings Account is an ideal gift for grandsons and granddaughters, nieces and nephews. A provision with vision.

  • 1%* less CGT minimum interest rate - adjusted quarterly to the 3 month EURIBOR
  • Automatically adjusted as soon as rates rise
  • 48 month term
  • You pay simply and conveniently into the savings account by direct debit or standing order


Overview of the current EURIBOR-Rates

The Deposit Protection - don´t worry about your savings.

The statutory Deposit Protection secures your capital and your interest:

  • Savings accounts
  • Current accounts
  • Home buyers savings plans  

Per investor and per bank up to a total amount of EUR 100,000.
This protection applies to all natural and legal persons, regardless of the number of accounts and savings accounts.

With us you enjoy maximum security

The Austrian Anadi Bank AG is a shareholder of Hypo-Haftungs-Gesellschaft m.b.H. which administers the deposit guarantee of the Professional Association of Public and Mortgage Banks. 

The brochure deposit guarantee schemes and investor compensation.pdf  on the subject of deposit guarantee is also available for download.

Special conditions for the „Golden Kids Savings Account“

1. The “Golden Kids Savings Account” is a savings account with a fixed term of 48 months, starting on the date the account is opened.
2. The amount of the interest rate on the date the account is opened is clearly shown in the savings book. Interest is adjusted quarterly on 1 January, 1 April, 1 July and 1 October of each year. The adjustment is based on the monthly average of the 3 month Euribor, value for November, February, May and August in each case, as published on the website of Oesterreichische Nationalbank under, reduced by 0.750 percentage points, commercially rounded to complete 1/10 of a percentage point. A minimum interest rate of 1 % per annum less CGT is deemed agreed.
3. Amounts can be paid into a “Golden Kids Savings Account” at any time and on any number of occasions, up to a maximum of EUR 12,000 (type 1 account), although such additional payments do not extend the overall term. Withdrawals can be made from a “Golden Kids Savings Account” without any effect on the interest rate. In the event of premature withdrawal, penalty interest of 1/1000 of the withdrawal amount per complete month of the non-observed binding period is charged in accordance with § 32 (8) of the Austrian Banking Act (Bankwesengesetz). If the deposit amount is not disposed of after the term has expired, it will continue to be held at the interest rate applicable for savings deposits payable on demand.
4. In other respects the “General Conditions for Savings Deposits” as amended apply, which are made known by display at the counter in the business premises of Austrian Anadi Bank AG. Austrian Anadi Bank AG is entitled at any time to refuse acceptance of a deposit on a “Golden Kids Savings Account” without statement of reasons.
Version: June 2014.

Savings regulations
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You must provide official photo ID when opening a savings account:

  • passport
  • driving license
  • identity card
What is a Type 1 Savings Account?

Type 1 savings accounts are all identified savings accounts with a credit balance (at the time of identification) up to EUR 14,999.99, which are not in the holder's name, but an identifier. It is mandatory to establish a password. Withdrawals for type 1 savings accounts are made by presenting the bank book, providing the password and confirming identity.

What is a Type 2 Savings Account?

Type 2 passbooks are all identified savings accounts with a credit balance from EUR 15,000. They can be

  • in the name of the holder or holders
  • under an identifier

and all identified savings accounts with a credit balance (at the time of identification) up to EUR 14,999.99 in the name of the holder or holders.
Withdrawals from type 2 savings accounts are only possible by the identified holder.

What is an Anonymous Savings Account?

Anonymity for savings accounts was abolished in November 2000. Since July 2002, withdrawals from anonymous savings accounts are only possible after the identification of the holder and presentation of an official photo ID.

What is an interest penalty?

An interest penalty will be charged on amounts withdrawn early from savings accounts with a commitment term. A thousandth of the amount withdrawn per full month of the unobserved term of commitment. A thousandth is equivalent to 0.1%.

FAQ`s on deposit protection
Which deposits are covered by deposit protection?

Generally, all balances on accounts with or without interest or savings accounts, such as. salary and pension accounts, other current accounts, fixed deposits, capital savings accounts or daily payable savings accounts are eligible for cover.

Is there an excess?

No. With deposit protection, there is no excess for natural or for non-natural persons.

I have purchased bonds at my bank and put them in a securities account. Are these bonds covered by the deposit protection?

All kinds of bonds (e.g. housing bonds, certificates, savings certificates) are not deposits in the sense of deposit protection and are therefore not eligible for cover. In the event of insolvency of the bond-issuing bank, such securities will be serviced in accordance with the terms of issue (e.g. preferably from a separate collateral pool, or with the bankruptcy dividend, or as a subordinated debt after satisfaction of all other creditors). In the event of insolvency of your custodian credit institution, the debt securities will be handed over to another issuer or transferred for deposit at another credit institution named by you. If the papers cannot be handed over or transferred, this would then be a case for the investor compensation.

Are only deposits by Austrian citizens covered?

No, the nationality of the customer does not matter. Deposits of customers who are not Austrian citizens are also covered.

In what form will I receive my money in the event of a claim?

The protection scheme will pay the covered deposits in full (up to a maximum of EUR 100,000) by transfer to a bank account provided by the depositor.

Where can I get information about the deposit guarantee?

On the one hand you could read about it directly in the statute: In Austria, the deposit guarantee is regulated in the federal law on deposit insurance and investor compensation for banks (Einlagensicherungs- und Anlegerentschädigungsgesetz - ESAEG) and in §§ 37a, 93 and 93a as well as the appendix to § 37a Austrian Banking Act (BWG). For the current legal wording, see the Federal Legal Information System (RIS). On the other hand you could also contact your credit institution: credit institutions which accept deposits subject to compulsory insurance, must, according to § 38 ESAEG, inform investors by notice in the bank foyer and on its website, about the requirements concerning the security of deposits. You can also contact the protection scheme responsible for your bank. You can find out which protection scheme is responsible for your financial institution on the collective deposit protection schemes website at the WKO.

Which claims are covered by the investor compensation?

Generally, all claims against the credit institute from

  • safekeeping and administration of securities for others (deposit business)
  • the trading of the bank with money market instruments, financial futures-contracts, interest rate futures, forward rate agreements, interest rate and currency swaps as well as equity swaps, securities and instruments derived from them
  • the participation of the bank in the issue of third parties (Loroemissionsgeschäft), or the collection and investment of severance contributions and independent pension contributions (occupational pension scheme trade)
  • the portfolio management through management of portfolios for individual customers with discretionary powers under a power of attorney of the customer provided the customer portfolio contains one or more financial instruments (investment services in accordance with § 3 para 2 no. 2 Z 2 WAG 2007)
How will the claim amount be calculated?

The amount of the claim shall be determined according to the market value of the securities at the time the insured event occurs.

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*Less CGT if the full term of 48 months is observed. Conditions apply until further notice. No guarantee provided in regard to figures. Version: June 2014.