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Anadi Cash Card

Saving is easier and more convenient.

  • Save with transfers and book transfers using online banking
  • Cash around the clock at all ATMs
  • Account transactions in the financial overview on the Mobile Banking App and the account statement
  • Practical bank card format
  • Free for minors and only EUR 4.15 per annum from the age of 18
  • No account closing fee

PROMOTIONAL INTEREST RATE: 0.28 % fixed until 30.09.2016* payable on demand credit.

The Deposit Protection - don´t worry about your savings.

The statutory Deposit Protection secures your capital and your interest:
  • Savings accounts
  • Current accounts
  • Some buyers savings plans  

Per investor and per bank up to a total amount of EUR 100,000.

This protection applies to all natural and legal persons, regardless of the number of accounts and savings accounts.

With us you enjoy maximum security

The Austrian Anadi Bank AG is a shareholder of Hypo-Haftungs-Gesellschaft m.b.H. which administers the deposit guarantee of the Professional Association of Public and Mortgage Banks. Please read the Information Sheet on deposit guarantee and investor compensation.

The brochure deposit guarantee and investor compensation on the subject of deposit guarantee is also available for download.

Deposit Guarantee Schemes and Investor Compensation
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General contractual conditions for the Anadi Cash Card account
  • This contractual relationship is subject to the General Terms and Conditions of Austrian Anadi Bank AG; to the Customer Guidelines for the maestro service, small amount payments where the personal code is not entered, and the Quick-Service; to the general conditions for giro account agreements, particularly the application to open an account; and to the General Information on payment services for consumers and the General Conditions for consumer giro accounts pursuant to § 34 of the Austrian Banking Act (Bankwesengesetz) including the special features listed in these conditions.

  • By way of deviation from the General Terms and Conditions of Austrian Anadi Bank AG and the Customer Guidelines for the maestro service and the Quick-Service, it is agreed that the account will be managed exclusively on a credit balance basis, and the account holder is therefore not entitled to undertake any disposals that take the account into debit (Inadmissibility of account management).

  • The account holder notes that a charge (see Anadi Cash Card list of charges) is payable to Austrian Anadi Bank AG for the management of the account (in particular in the context of the realisation of the entire credit balance). Notification of any changes to the list of charges will be provided.

  • Only the account holder has power of disposal and signature authorisation in regard to the account. The account holder is not permitted to issue third parties with authorisation to dispose of the account.

  • The account holder notes that the Anadi Cash Card is an investment product and is not used for payment transactions. For this reason, Austrian Anadi Bank AG does not accept any standing orders or debit advice mandates. Withdrawals by cheque are also not permitted.

  • In the event that the account falls to zero, Austrian Anadi Bank AG is entitled to close the account after 6 months.

  • The account holder receives account statements exclusively via the self service banking (account statement printer) or via Internet banking. Cash withdrawals are made exclusively by cash dispenser. The account holder is therefore able to withdraw a maximum amount of EUR 3,900 per day, and not more than EUR 3,900 per week.

Savings System
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You must provide official photo ID when opening an Anadi Cash Card.

  • passport
  • driving license
  • identity card
What does payable on demand mean?
The Anadi Cash Card is payable on demand, which means that you have access to the accumulated capital at any time.
How can I withdraw my money?

At all ATMs worldwide, after entering your PIN code.

How much money can I withdraw at ATMs?

You can withdraw a maximum of EUR 3,900 daily, however also a weekly maximum of EUR 3,900.

At Austrian Anadi Bank we are always ready to help you.
Whether you need account assistance, product information or answers to online banking we are happy to help. Please feel free to contact us by email, telephone or get in touch with one of our branches directly.


* Indicator-linked after the promotional interest rate has expired (3 month Euribor less 0.8 %, minimum 0.1 % per annum less CGT). No guarantee provided in regard to figures. Subject to change at any time. Conditions apply until further notice.