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Personal Loan

Privatkredit: der klassische Kredit für private Anschaffungen - die maßgeschneiderte Finanzierung

Personal Loan

For whatever purpose, with the Anadi personal loan you get tailor-made financing.

The personal loan is the classic loan for private purchases. Whether you renew your home furnishings or you want to finance a big trip.

We ensure rapid availability of the loan amount. Terms and repayments are flexible, it is payed back monthly at a flat rate. The personal loan from the Anadi Bank is a one-time loan, that means that a certain sum will be made available, which you have access to at once.

Lay the first and most important foundation with us: the financing.

  • Variety of application possibilities
  • Individually adapted
  • Customised term and repayment rates
  • Speedy and non-bureaucratic loan arrangement
  • Automatic repayment by direct debit or standing order possible


The following documents are required:

  • earnings statement from your employer
  • the last three payslips
  • a valid, official photo ID
  • proof of the intended purpose and where applicable
  • a loan statement in the case of debt rescheduling


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