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Anadi yellow and your retirement funds will provide you with bright prospects.

Let’s imagine positive images for the future. Where will we be in life? What will we have built?  What will we have accomplished? We think of the living standards we want to attain.

The way you imagine your future situation is exactly the way it should be in reality. Your later years should also be a time where you enjoy the fine things in life. Take matters into your own hands to counteract potential retirement gaps.

There is a number of preventive care opportunities. We will show you all the advantages as well as possible disadvantages. We provide clear, transparent and individual advice according to your visions and ideas.

Early financial planning creates a foundation for a secure future

Although interest rates are at its lowest in history, most of the created wealth since 2010 has been put into checking accounts and savings. A simple comparison between interest levels and inflation rates shows the expected depreciation.

There are appealing alternatives:
  • If you want to avoid the risk and volatility of share investments, investing in global bonds can offer an appealing alternative.
  • Global balanced funds can be a good investment solution if you don’t want to handle the investment yourself. Let an experienced fund manager decide on a selection of shares and government bonds.
  • Investment in global assets through to share based funds have shown that the chance of share earnings increase with the duration of the investment. Your customer advisor will gladly inform you of the opportunities and risks.

Now is the right time to provide for the future!

Many investors ask themselves whether investing in funds in the current market is worthwhile. As soon as the economy reports positive signals, investments should increase again and revitalise the stock markets.

Strong products, strong support.

You can invest in a series of different funds. You can save regularly in all funds found in the fund master list (standard and special). We hold funds in each of the three major groups, pension funds, mixed funds and mutual stock funds (equity funds/balanced funds). Your advisor will gladly inform you of all opportunities and risks as well as the associated costs and fees. Work together with us and find a product best suited for you and your goals.

Templeton Global Bond Fund
Global pension funds (edition 28.02.1991)

These bonds invest in government and company fixed and variable interest-bearing debt securities and stocks world-wide. The focus lays on international government bonds, which run on the US dollar and other currencies.

ISIN Morningstar1
LU0300745303 (A)  
LU0152980495 (T) *****
Suitable for:

This fund is suitable for investors who want to benefit from return opportunities on international bond markets, and are willing to take a certain risk. Interest, credit-rating, exchange and currency risks can result in fluctuations and capital loss on investment.

Franklin Gl. Fundamental Strategies Fund
Global mix funds (edition 25.10.2007)

The “Marathon Strategy 1” is characterised by a diversified, value-based approach in which 2/3 of the funds are invested in shares/stocks and 1/3 in bonds. The goal of this fund is to minimise fluctuations in value by a broad title selection.

ISIN Morningstar1
LU0316494805 (T) ****

This fund is suitable for investors who want to profit from return opportunities from a mix of international stock and pension investments, but are also prepared to take risks. Interest, credit-rating, exchange and currency risks can result in high levels of fluctuation and capital loss on investment.

Templeton Growth (Euro) Fund
Global balanced funds (edition 09.08.2000)

The Templeton growth (Euro) Fund aims at long-term capital growth. The funds are invested in undervalued shares from companies worldwide, including in emerging markets. In this connection, the most promising shares worldwide are chosen.

ISIN Morningstar1
LU0114760746 (T) ***

This fund is suitable for investors who are willing to make risky investments in order to benefit from higher return opportunities. Interest, credit-rating and especially exchange and currency risks can result in high levels of fluctuation and high capital loss on investment

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1 The Morningstar Rating ™ offers a user-friendly approach which considers cost and risk to quantifiably assess fund returns. 5 Stars is best.

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