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Fill your retirement gaps

Is there a large gap between your last active salary and the expected government pension? We can show you how to fill this retirement gap! Because we won’t leave you out in the cold!

Your Pension Fund

Are you born after January 1st, 1955 and have a retirement fund at the Pension Insurance Institution? Have you received a letter informing you of your account credits and the resulting retirement pension?  Read more about your Retirement Pension Account.

Get insight about your Pension Fund

You can take a look at your pension fund yourself by using your citizen card or cell phone signature. In order to use your cell phone signature, you must activate it on your cell phone. For more information about the cell phone signature, click here. If you want to register with your card, you must activate the citizen card function on your chip card (i.e. e-Card). For further information about the citizen card, click here.

Calculate your retirement pension gaps yourself. The Pension Fund calculator.

You can find out your expected retirement pension by using the Pension Account Calculator from the Social Insurance Institution. Or use the Pension Gap Calculator from Wiener Städtische.

Fill your retirement gaps

Fill the retirement gaps or reduce them to a desired amount. You can find products on this page that can help you!

We won’t leave you out in the cold

We can gladly answer all your questions concerning your Retirement Pension Fund, retirement pension gaps and how you can fill them. We can help you activate your digital signature on your citizen card or your cell phone signature. Please contact us or arrange an appointment in one of our branches.

Anadi Funds

Money becomes you. Anadi Yellow and your retirement funds will provide you with bright prospects.


Premium Retirement Plan

Actively plan ahead, for you and your family and your standard of living with the Premium Retirement Plan. We’ll invest your money in accordance with the new attractive legal provisions for sustainable future care premium benefits.

Unit-Linked Retirement Plan

A private retirement plan is necessary to maintain your living standards during your retirement. The Unit-Linked Retirement Plan provides you with government sponsorship.

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The Guarantee Retirement

The multi-award winning Guarantee Pension from the Wiener Städtische is the perfect addition to social security. It offers you the guaranteed interest rate of a Classic Life Insurance, while remaining flexible, both in the choice of investment, as well as in terms of payout options available.

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Housing Bonds


Housing bonds are a special form of bonds that offer private investors a tax advantage.

Life Insurance with lump sum payment

The single payment Life Insurance is an interesting variation which secures your capital and allows it to grow.

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The mentioned insurance companies are our partners: Wiener Städtische Versicherung AG Vienna Insurance Group and Hypo-Versicherung AG.