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Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance offers security for surviving members of your family

Care is important, especially when it comes to your family or those who are close to you. There are many reasons for getting Term Life Insurance which demands relatively minimal financial expense. At the very least, this kind of insurance helps to provide and secure financial livelihood for your family or close ones. In case of benefit entitlement, your dependents respectively your beneficiaries, receive the payout of the insured amount.

  • Coverage and protection for your family and/or close ones
  • Protection for accrued liabilities (mortgages, loans)
  • Financial support for beneficiaries in case of death of insured person
  • Flexible adjustments to insurance amount


  • About 80 000 people die yearly in Austria
  • Approximately 13 100 of them are under the age of 65
  • Death can result in livelihoods being threatened
  • The standard of living of the bereaved can thus be in danger




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