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Vorsorge: Staatlich geförderte Pensionsvorsorge

Government-sponsored retirement plans

Invest in your retirement plan

We advise and inform you of private retirement plans that will enable you to maintain your accustomed standard of living during your retirement. With a state-sponsored retirement plan, you receive support from the state. Start today and get a custom-made pension plan. We can provide you with a plan that matches your wants and needs.

  • Government sponsorship of 4,25% of your rate per year for 2016
  • NO insurance tax
  • NO withholding tax (applicable when used for the intended purpose)
  • 10 year minimum  commitment period
  • 100% capital-back guarantee
  • Guaranteed lifelong retirement pension

Austria’s retirement plan has reached its limits because life expectancy is continually increasing, the number of retirement recipients is growing and the number of premium payers is sinking, which makes financial viability increasingly difficult.

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