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Payments also beyond the borders

For daily money transactions at home and abroad, we offer efficient solutions for transactions, transferring your money easily and flexibly when required.
For current foreign currency and exchange rates, see "Private customers" - "Services" - "Current Foreign Currency and Exchange Rates"

  • Transfer: SEPA-paymentorder
  • Domestic Express Payment: Transfer amount is credited to the recipient on the same day. Particularly suitable when the time factor plays a crucial role (e.g. overdue tax office payments).
  • Standing Order.
  • Direct Debis: SEPA Direct Debit.
  • Payments abroad or foreign currency payments in Austria.
  • International Bank transfer.
  • Express payment abroad.
  • Standing order.

Use our Electronic-Banking-Products: Find Out More.

  • With our local cooperation partners, we are able to handle your payments to India promptly and at favourable terms.
  • We connect Austria and India with the Carindia Account.