Customer Safe | Austrian Anadi Bank

Schützen Sie Ihr Eigentum

Protect your property

Secure your valuables in a customer safe

With a safe at your bank, you benefit from maximum security for your savings books and valuables.

Your safety is important to us:
  • With a savings book deposit box you can keep your savings books directly at your branch.
  • Strict safety precautions and the utmost discretion with access authorisation apply to customer safes.
  • Access is possible during normal branch opening hours.
  • Savings book deposit boxes and customer safes are available in various sizes, according to your personal requirements.
  • For just a small annual fee (dependent on size), you get a customer safe and save money on a house safe.
  • Protect important documents and valuables against unforeseen disasters (fire, burglary, etc.) in our customer safes. Your valuables are automatically insured to the value of EUR 3,700 (including possibility of additional insurance cover).

You will find customer safe facilities in the following locations:

Security for your home

Particularly during the holiday season, theft booms. So that your return from vacation does not become a nightmare, you should consider the following tips:

  • Keep valuables in a safe - ideally at your bank.
  • When leaving your apartment, always close all windows and lock the doors.
  • Get someone to empty your mailbox regularly or cancel your newspaper subscriptions early enough for the duration of your holiday.
  • Use timers, so as to give the impression that someone is home.
  • Do not leave any messages on social media. Holiday greetings and photos do not belong on the publicly accessible sites during your holiday.
  • Motion sensors also act as a deterrent for burglars.
  • Secure your garden furniture, ladders and objects that could be used to get higher up.
  • Turn off your outdoor plug sockets for the duration of your holiday.
  • Ask neighbours to make regular patrols around the house.
  • With the right household/home insurance you ensure optimal cover. We are happy to advise you.