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Future Communication

In future communication we talk about your financial requirements.

We are subjected to constant change in our lives. With ongoing monitoring and appropriate adaptation of your assets to changing conditions, you remain financially flexible. It also gives you the security to be prepared and protected for predictable and unforeseen events.

Together with you we pursue a holistic approach to consulting, tailored to your requirements and to analysing your financial possibilities. Under the motto “the future begins today" you plan your financial future with us in the following areas:

  • Assets: targeted growth of your assets
  • Financing: you invest in the future
  • Liquidity: you remain flexible and independent
  • Provisions: carefree enjoyment of the future
Aspirational growth of your assets, reach goals, achieve financial independence!

The timescale and your personal investment goal is always at the centre when developing a balanced investment proposal. With a diversification of assets tailored to your needs, you remain flexible enough to react spontaneously to unexpected events in life.

The Magic Triangle

The magic triangle of investment refers to the goals which compete among themselves: profitability, safety and liquidity. The three goals are symbolised by the corners of the triangle.

The Magic Triangle

"None of the three basic parameters can be improved without adversely affecting the other two. This tension is called the "magic triangle". So if, for example, you want a higher return than that which can be achieved on the risk-free money market, you must accept fluctuations in market rates. Basically, the higher the risk, the higher the expected return." (Source: Tom Friess, Sicherheit, Rendite, Liquidität. So lösen Anleger das Rätsel des „Magischen Dreiecks“, www.focus.de, 24.01.2014)

  • The security of the overall investment may, for example, be increased by spreading your assets in investment categories with varying degrees of risk.
  • The liquidity of an investment expresses how quickly an investment can be converted back into cash. It should be noted that the liquidation of investments with long term investment periods can usually only be realised at a loss.
  • Profitability describes the return resulting from an investment. Returns may be achieved, for example, through dividends, interest payments, increases in value (price changes) or other dividends.

In a joint discussion, we analyse your current financial situation and establish your wishes and requirements. Based on your investment goals and your personal risk tolerance, suitable investment products will be examined in more detail, from which you can then choose.

Future Communication

When analysing your assets possible economic factors affecting the value of your investments, such as financial, legal and tax issues, are also to be considered:

Future Dialoue

With many years of exprienece, the specialists in the Anadi Branches will show you individual solutions and are oriented towards your requirements.

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