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GoldPlus Card

For people who want more out of life.

If you value safety and comfort, then you are well provided for with the PayLife GoldPlus Card. This card has attractive benefits that make life more pleasant.

  • Credit limit EUR 3,000 per month (individual arrangement possible)
  • Annual fee EUR 74
  • Choice of VISA or MasterCard
  • Includes PayLife 3-times-travel insurance
  • Includes trip cancellation insurance
  • Includes purchase protection
  • Includes Key-SOS
  • Payment confirmation with PIN code instead of signature on request
  • Info-SMS for EUR 1.00 per month per card
  • Cashless payment and cash withdrawal worldwide with PIN code
  • Stay safe paying online with 3-D Secure
  • Up to EUR 60 PayLife bonus (For every payment above EUR 50 you get credited EUR 1.00 - this is the PayLife bonus. With your PayLife GoldPlus Card you can use the PayLife-Bonus for one year, for up to 60 transactions)



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