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Anadi Online Sparen
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Anadi Online Sparen: free of charge and flexible from the very first Euro

Set up your Anadi Online Sparen easily and conveniently right from your own home.

With Anadi Online Sparen (savings) your savings will grow at 0.60 % p.a. less CGT. Daily availability from the very first Euro. This allows for flexible access to your savings, whenever you need it. No fixed contract periods. This makes saving fun again.

Deposit/Contract Period

Flexible deposits, no fixed contract period


Internet banking with mobileTAN system

Free of Charge

Account management, Internet banking, Anadi Mobile Banking App and electronic account statements (pdf)

Deposit Protection

With us, you profit from maximum security. Your savings (including interest) are secured up to a maximum withdrawable amount of EUR 100,000.- per person. This protection exists independently of the number of your current and savings accounts.
Austrian Anadi Bank plc is a partner of Hypo Haftungs-Gesellschaft Ltd., which is responsible for the protection of deposits (pdf) of the association of state- and mortgage banks.

Click here for more information on deposit protection and investor compensation.


Find answers to frequently asked questions regarding Anadi Online Sparen (savings) before you start.


Anadi Tip

"Transactions from your Anadi Online Sparen (savings) are made to your settlement account. This can be any current account with an Austrian bank. If you define your Anadi account as settlement account, your money is immediately available for further transactions."

Set up your Anadi Online-Sparen in 3 simple steps – Start now.

Online-Sparen: Kontoeröffnungsantrag ausfüllen Complete your account application form online
Complete your account application form online via our secure website. You can also set up your access data online. This saves valuable time.

Online-Sparen: Unterlagen ausfüllen The next steps
You will receive all documents relating to your new account by post within 3 business days. Please return these documents after you have filled them in and signed them to us. Please include a photocopy of a valid photo ID suitable for personal identification. Returning the documents is free of charge. Please use the enclosed reply envelope.

Online-Sparen: Freischaltung des Anadi Online-Sparen Activating your Anadi Online Sparen (savings)
As soon as we have received and checked all documents relating to your new account, your Anadi Online Sparen will be activated. We will notify you via email once your Anadi Online Sparen has been activated. For deposits, please use the settlement account you have specified. Withdrawals will also only be possible from the time your account has been successfully activated.

You already are a customer of Austrian Anadi Bank?
Simply set up your Anadi Online Sparen via internet banking. Please select Anadi Online Sparen from the online product menu.

Important Information

Please note the following prerequisites regarding the successful set up of an Anadi Online Sparen:

  • you are private person
  • you are at least 18 years of age
  • you have your primary residence in Austria
  • you are the owner of a private current account with any Austrian bank in your own name
  • your Anadi Online Sparen (savings) can only be set up in your own name, i.e. you cannot open an account for another person
  • you possess a valid photo ID suitable for personal identification



Anadi Online Sparen offers:

Conditions Anadi Online Sparen (savings)
  • download

Information concerning interest payable on the credit balance of an Anadi Online Sparens:

The overall interest rate is made up of a basic annual interest rate (minimum interest rate) plus a voluntary bonus annual interest rate which is added to the basic interest rate. The two rates together form the overall interest rate. The basic interest rate is the minimum interest rate in the amount of 0.01% per annum. The interest on an Anadi Online Sparen cannot ever fall below the basic interest rate.

The bonus interest rate is a voluntary additional interest rate paid by Austrian Anadi Bank AG. Customers have no legal entitlement to this bonus interest rate, which is variable and is calculated at the start of the agreement on the basis of the Anadi Bank Conditions with reference to the Anadi Online Sparen. Customers will be informed about changes to the bonus interest rate 14 days before the changes become applicable, by email or via the website.

Maximum Deposit Limit

Please note that you may not deposit more than EUR 500,000 per person in your Anadi Online Sparen.

Client information and conditions 

Below we have the most important information for you to download!

Informationen concerning the Austrian distance financial services act (FernFinG) Anadi Online Sparen | Version: September 2015
  • download
General terms of Business of Austrian Anadi Bank AG | Last updated: November 2015
  • download
Agreement for Use of Internet banking | Version: May 2015
  • download
Deposit Guarantee Schemes and Investor Compensation | Last updated: August 2015
  • download
§§38 (2), 52 of the Federal Act on Deposit Guarantee Schemes and Investor Compensation (ESAEG) | Last updated: Februay 2016
  • download
Annex to § 37A of the Austrian Banking Act (BWG) Depositor Information Sheet | Last updated: December 2016
  • download
General Information on Payment services for Customers (ZADIG) | Last updated: May 2016
  • download
Reporting Duty for US American account and custody account holders (FATCA) | Last updated: July 2014
  • download


Do you have a cell phone signature? Start easily now.

A digital signature is your personal signature on the internet. It is equivalent to your handwritten signature and is thereby your digital proof of identity on the net. With your digital signature, you have access to more than 200 electronic services from business and administration.

Have you already activated your digital signature? Great! Then you can continue as follows:

Online-Festgeld: Kontoeröffnungsantrag ausfüllenFill out application online to open account 
Fill out the online application on our secured website. Set your login and access details online. That saves valuable time.

Online-Festgeld: Unterlagen ausfüllenFill out documents and sign with your existing digital signature
You will receive your personal account information within 3 working days by post. Fill the forms completely. Have a copy of a photo ID ready (valid passport, personal ID card or your driver’s license). Scan all the documents needed for opening your personal account. Sign all the documents and a copy of your photo ID with your cell phone signature on the ATrust website and forward this to us by e-mail. 

You haven’t yet activated your digital signature and would like to? External link: How to activate your digital signature. Read more on the ATrust website.

Online-Festgeld: Unterlagen prüfenReview of your documents and forms

Your Anadi Online Sparen will be activated as soon as we receive all forms filled out and completed and we have reviewed and countersigned the documents. We will inform you of the activation by e-mail.

You have more questions? We are glad to answer any questions.


Our Customer Care Center is available to you on +43 (0) 50202 0 from Monday to Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. You can find more answers about our Anadi Online Sparen in our FAQ´s section.

Have you changed your personal information?

If your personal information changes, please fill out one of the following forms for reporting changes.

All information provided without guarantee, subject to alteration. The provisions of the „Framework agreement for the Anadi Online Sparen“. Last updates: October 2016".