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Import/Export Account

Perfect for your International Business.

Increasing globalisation and the emergence of large economic areas are entailing significant changes for the majority of businesses. These are creating plenty of new business opportunities. We offer tailor-made solutions to provide you, as an import-/export-oriented business, with the best possible support along the way.

Best price guarantee

You can enjoy our best price guarantee and benefit from the following offer:

  • Value-for-money terms and conditions and no handling charge
  • Management of your foreign bank accounts by the International Cash Management of your Office Banking application: no initial license fee (normally: EUR 300.00 International Cash Management/EUR 100.00 Office Banking) and up to 5 bank account connections free of charge (normally: EUR 50.00 per account)
  • Best price foreign currency conversion at 0.125% (min. EUR 10.00, max. EUR 500.00) per transaction plus any third-party charges


Export account overdraft facility

In addition, there is the possibility of using the flexible export account overdraft facility with the following benefi ts:

  • Approved credit line for all financing products (global overdraft facility)
  • Flexible overdraft utilisation possible quickly within the approved global overdraft limit when needed
  • Optimum budget management due to automated account offsetting


Risk protection in international trade

In international trade it is especially important to minimise increased risks through payment and performance protection instruments, thereby taking account of the different interests between exporter and importer. Professional risk reduction requires a high level of know-how and customised products and service solutions.

Our experts provide not only assistance in drawing up contractual agreements and information on the possibilities of export risk guarantees and export credit insurance, but also offer all of the traditional banking products such as documentary letters of credit, debt collections and guarantees for the reduction of risks.

  • No handling charged
  • No initial licence fee
  • up to 5 bank account connections free of charge
  • Best price foreign currency conversion

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