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Export financing and securing export activities

Export financing makes it easier for you to enter new markets.

Austria provides an extensive funding system for exporting companies, making it easier for you to enter new markets and continue to operate successfully. Austrian Anadi Bank AG functions as a connecting link between your company and the funding agency.

There are numerous options for financing and securing your export success:

  • Sales-dependent financing schemes

    Financing at reduced interest rates, linked to the company’s export activity. Aimed at supporting ongoing export business.

    Österreichische Exportfonds GmbH provides small and medium-sized companies with export fund loans at reduced interest rates. Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG provides large companies with ideal financing in the form of the Kontrollbank refinancing facility (KRR).

  • Contract-dependent financing from Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG (EFS loans)

    EFS loans are primarily intended for financing individual export transactions with medium- to long-term payment periods. They can be used as revolving loan facilities and also for export transactions with shorter payment periods.

  • Export financing for capital investment abroad

    Export financing is intended to support capital investment abroad, for example the setting up of sales branches, subsidiaries or joint ventures.

  • Export risk management and protection

    Success cannot be achieved without risk. Austria’s growing export economy is no exception.

    You therefore need to manage your export risks in the best possible way. In addition to Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG (Austria’s largest export credit insurer) there are a number of private credit insurers for you to choose from.

The advantages for you

Together with us, you can find the best partner to ensure your success, providing you with additional advantages:

  • Financing at reduced interest rates
  • Risk management and protection for your exports

    The economic and/or political risk can be managed through a credit insurance policy or it can be assumed by the Federal Government.