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About us

About us

Anadi Bank has a broad range of products on offer for both nationally and internationally active companies.

We want you to see us as a partner, supporting you not only in matters of financing but also in entering new markets, to include distant destinations such as, in particular, India.

We make it easier for you to do business in this market, thanks to our access to a network of on-site experts who possess solid local know how and expertise, such as knowledge of the market, its customers and local market practices.

Your customer service representative looks forward to discussing your project with you, clarifying any questions you may have and creating the optimal financing concept for you.

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The english website will be available by the end of july 2016.

You will find more detailed information on Anadi Bank in the annual financial report:

Annual Financial Report 2015
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Half-Yearly Financial Report 2015
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Annual Financial Report 2014
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Annual Financial Report 2013
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