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Internet Banking

Online-Banking - Internetbanking from Austrian Anadi Bank

Internet Banking

Internet banking provides easy and quick access to all your accounts. Manage your transactions safely and comfortably, anywhere in the world.

In order to enjoy the benefits of internet banking, all you need is an account with us. You can either sign the agreement for internet banking when we open your account for you or at any later point in time.

Upon receipt of your access data, you can immediately start enjoying a secure and comfortable banking experience. With our Mobile Banking App, you can also enjoy all these benefits on the go.

Our internet banking focuses on high safety standards and offers the following services:

  • Financial overview: real-time balance information on your current, savings, time deposit and loan accounts
  • Domestic and European transfers (IBAN)
  • International transfers
  • Tax office payments
  • Data export in different formats
  • Order authorisation via iTAN, mobileTAN, digital signature or tresorTAN
  • Set-up and use templates
  • Tansaction search
  • Electronic account statement
  • Set-up, administration and cancellation of periodic orders
  Functions   Internet banking
Financial overview
  • real-time balance information on your current savings
    time deposit and loan accounts
  • real-time balance information on securities custody account(s)
  • display of your credit card transactions
  • electronic account statement

  • domestic and European transfers (IBAN)
  • international transfers
  • transfer between own accounts
  • express transfer
  • tax office payments
  • collective order
  • set-up, administration and cancellation of
    periodic orders
  • duplicate transfer warning message
  • IBAN verification

  • access to the last 13 months of transactions
  • transaction search
  • breakdown of collective transactions in the transaction overview
  • data export in different formats

  • predating of transfers
  • set-up and use templates
  • archive for electronic account statements
  • copies of electronic account statements


  • protection of your ATM card with GeoControl


  • secure communication directly with your bank
Special features
  • creation, administration and cancellation of periodic orders
  • withdrawals at ATMs without card (cashTAN)

  • internet

  • PC or laptop

Minimum requirement
  • internet access
  • internet browser

  • access via user name, user number, PIN
  • order authorisation via iTAN, mobileTAN, cardTAN,
    digital signature or tresorTAN
  • individually customisable user authorisations
  • encrypted communication
  • possibility of changing access data


Software licence installation fee

  • none

Costs per account/month
  • none

Account statement archive
  • up to 1 MB: free of charge
  • up to 10 MB: EUR 0.31 per month
  • up to 50 MB: EUR 0.71 per month
  • over 50 MB: EUR 1.02 per month

Reprint of electronic account
EUR 0.31 per statement
SMS notification
  • not possible EUR 1.30

For businesses
SEPA Direct Debit Core & B2B
  • possible

Creditor ID request
  • EUR 15.56 (non-recurring)


At Austrian Anadi Bank we are always ready to help you.
Whether you need account assistance, product information or answers to online banking we are happy to help. Please feel free to contact us by email, telephone or get in touch with one of our branches directly.