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eMS e-Mandate Service


eMS e-Mandate Service 

Via e-Mandate-service, validly authorised direct debit mandates can be electronically issued without media disruption.

Since the initiation of the unitary SEPA Direct Debit Procedure creditors may submit direct debits in EURO within the SEPA countries. Besides the unambiguous creditor-ID, the procedure of direct debits also expects the approval for the execution of a direct debit ("Lastschrift Mandat") by the debtor. This provides enhanced security.

Currently, companies whose internet-based business models require a payment via direct debit have no standardised way of obtaining a "Lastschrift Mandat" without media disruption.

The eMS e-Mandate Service is interesting for companies from a variety of branches with diverse payment situations, such as: online shops, insurance companies, telephone companies, utility companies, building society savings payments, installment payments, etc.

Via eMS e-Mandate Service, direct debit mandates through the SEPA Direct Debit Procedure for singular or recurring payments in the Austrian market in electronic form without time loss (e.g. through regular post) can be obtained with little technical effort.

Via eMS, e-mandates may be authorised for the SEPA Direct Debit Schemes SDD Core and SDD B2B by the debtor.


The e-Mandat Service is based on the banks' respective online banking system and enables bank customers (buyers, debtors) the simple authorisation of an e-mandate concerning internet purchases.

e-Mandates can be authorised in the familiar and utterly safe environment of one's own house bank's online banking system. In the entire e-Mandate Services procedure no bank-specific data of the debtor is requested or temporarily stored by third parties!

The debtor always identifies themselves directly in their online banking system, the e-mandate is authorised in it and is consequently released.


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