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Online Banking

Turn your PC, smart phone, or tablet into your personal Anadi branch on the internet and enjoy the comforts of banking online.

Why not do all your banking business online in your personal Anadi branch on the internet? This way, you are always informed about your finances and can manage your accounts and deposits 24h a day, 7 days a week. To do this productively, we offer a number of different instruments for you to choose those that best suit your needs and requirements.

Internet banking


Online banking via PC or laptop

Anadi internet banking allows you to do all your banking business with your PC or laptop. With highest security standards and continuously expanding functionality, Anadi internet banking is truly a practical helper.

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Mobile Banking App

Mobile Banking App

Modern and easy to use

The Anadi Mobile Banking App brings up-to-date information about incoming and outgoing payments straight to your smart phone or tablet. Transactions are only a few clicks away. Get your Anadi Mobile Banking App now.

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Office Banking


Power for your business

As an entrepreneur you have different accounts at different financial institutions. With the Officebanking from the Anadi Bank you can manage all accounts clearly with one application.

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