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Liability Insurance

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The obligation to take out and show evidence of medical-professional liability insurance for freelance medical (dental) work, for group practices in the form of a limited company (GmbH) and private hospitals came into force on 19.08.2010. The professional liability insurance covers damage which the insured person causes to third parties (persons, property and financial losses). An objective comparison gives you a sense of security.

The doctors' professional liability insurance must meet, inter alia, the following criteria (for the exact wording please refer to §52d ÄrzteG as well as §26c ZÄG):

  • A minimum insurance cover for all claims amounting to EUR 2 million per claim, with a maximum limit of liability per year - for freelance medical work shall not be less than three times the minimum insurance cover, and for group practices in the legal form of a limited company (GmbH) and for private hospitals not less than five times the minimum insurance cover.
  • The exclusion or a time limitation of secondary liability of the insurer is not permitted. Prerequisite for the acceptance and continuation of freelance medical work is proof of the existence of corresponding physicians' professional liability insurance with respect to the Austrian Medical Association. The insurance must be maintained throughout the entire duration of the medical professional activity. The insurer is obliged to immediately report to the Medical Association any circumstance that leads to a termination or limitation of insurance cover.
  • In the course of the registration in the list of doctors, evidence of a medical-professional liability insurance is to be provided. Doctors who were already registered in the corresponding list of doctors when the law came into force, had to give evidence of an existing medical-professional liability insurance at the latest within one year of the law coming into force (19.08.2011).
  • Injured patients are entitled to claim damages from an alleged medical malpractice and directly against the liability insurer.



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