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Employees report

Employees report

Our employees being interviewed. They give you an insight into their work, experience and their daily challenges.

You will be promoted and challenged by us because we support independent initiative. However, read for yourself what apprentices, interns, students and our employees have to say.

Anadi Apprentices

  • Pico Murillo Salomon Rabitsch 

Private Account Manager Junior (form. Apprentice Banker)

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Anadi interns and students

Angelika Brandl
  • Employee Marketservice Function (form. Private Account Manager)

„I just got here in the company and I already like it, especially that I can experience something new every day. Each day is unique – no task the same. Working in close contact with customers and in harmony and cooperation with other colleagues is what makes this job at the Anadi Bank so special for me. I like new challenges and I want to offer my customers the best I can. What makes working at the Anadi Bank special is, most of all, the great work atmosphere and friendly team spirit amongst colleagues. Even the contact with customers is fun and due to their various needs, wishes and concerns that must be met, work is like new again and again!“

Anadi Junior, Professional, Senior

  • Ulrike Petritsch

Content Manager (form. Online Marketeer)
„As a longtime employee of the Anadi Bank, I have gone through good and bad times. That’s why I’m very happy to see a spirit of optimism in the company with the new owner. The new strategic focus requires enormous commitment and engagement of each individual employee. Every day brings me new challenges. I’m integrated in a dynamic team where team spirit, cohesion and helpfulness are the driving force which helps face new challenges with motivation and joy. It’s fun to work in a company which offers opportunities for personal and career development. It especially pleases me to be able to contribute to new projects and implement plans and common ideas.“

Helene Hudritsch
  • One-on-one customer account manager

„What I like most about my work is meeting and communicating with people. "Banking" has a lot more to do with emotions than one would believe – realizing home dreams or helping someone to acquire their dream car feels good and right. In my 15 years working as a customer account manager I’ve developed many friendships with customers and colleagues. The variety of tasks and the daily new challenges are my motivation. I’ve always been proud to work in this modern, dynamic company, even though times were hard for a while. The new owner and the new name bring new momentum into the company despite a close bond with Carinthia and the long-time faithful customers and the colleagues in the "Anadi family" are all playing their part to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.“