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Financing and Covering Exports

Financing and covering exports helps your company to enter new markets.

Austria provides a well-developed funding and support system for export-oriented companies, helping them to enter and to remain successful in new markets. In this context, Austrian Anadi Bank plc provides the connecting link between your company and the funding agency.

Finance and safeguard your export success with one of the following instruments:

  • Sales-related financing models:
    These are low-interest (soft) financing instruments that are bound to a company's export activity. They are meant to support ongoing export transactions. Small and medium-sized businesses may qualify for the low-interest (soft) Export Fund loan, provided by Austrian Export Fund Ltd. Large corporations may profit from the Export Financing Scheme (EFS), provided by the Austrian Kontrollbank plc (OeKB).




  • Contract-Dependent Financing Instruments (EFV loans) by the Austrian Kontrollbank plc (OeKB)
    The primary purpose of EFV loans is the financing of individual export transactions with medium- or long term payment targets. However, they can also be used as a revolving credit facility for export transactions with short term payment targets.
  • Export Financing for Foreign Investments:
    Export Financing is meant to support investments abroad. They can be used to establish sales branches, subsidiaries, or joint ventures, for example.
  • Insuring Export Risks:
    No success without risk. This also holds true for Austria's growing export industry.Therefore, a suitable export risk insurance is essential. Apart from the Austrian Kontrollbank plc (OeKB) as the largest export credit insurer, you may also opt for credit insurance from the private sector.

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