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Bank Guarantee

A bank guarantee is a hedging instrument and not an instrument of payment.

Generally, the guaranteed sum should not be paid out. By issuing a bank guarantee, the bank commits to an irrevocable obligation to make a payment in kind on your behalf. This obligation becomes effective if you fail to deliver a particular contractual obligation. In this case, the benefactor of this contractual obligation has the right to enforce the bank guarantee.

Depending on its purpose, the following types of guarantee exist:

  • Payment guarantee
  • Guarantee on down payments or advance payments
  • Guarantee on bid bond payments
  • Performance guarantee
  • Guarantee on warranty obligations
  • Guarantee on retention payments
  • Guarantee on loan collaterals
  • Customs guarantees
  • Bill of lading guarantees


We can either deliver the bank guarantee directly to the benefactor or arrange delivery via an advising bank. bank guarantees for other countries are issued in cooperation with international banks, which will then issue a direct guarantee under the counter-liability of our bank.

We are happy to check any foreign bank guarantees issued for your benefit.

Letter of Guarantee Application
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Bank Guarantees for international Transactions
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