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Remote Maintenance

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Remote Maintenance

We are here to help you.

Should you ever get stuck, we are happy to offer individual and direct assistance. Our remote maintenance service allows for immediate assistance in the comfort of your own environment.

Choose your operating system by clicking on   This initiates the download of our remote maintenance software. Please confirm all security questions about your system in order to download the file successfully.

Microsoft Windows
  • download
Apple Mac OS X
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What are the next steps?

After opening the download, you will see the following program window. Now all we need is your ID and password.

Any request for remote maintenance will always be initiated by you via telephone. This prevents fraudulent misuse of the service by third parties!
Your ID and the password are only valid for one remote maintenance session at a time. Austrian Anadi Bank plc personnel will never ask you for your access data, PIN or TAN (mTAN, iTAN) at any time in the process. You only provide your ID and password once, for the sole purpose of remote maintenance that you have requested by telephone. We will discuss any further steps with by telephone during the remote maintenance session. Further information can be found in the menu point "Security"
Should you ever, without obvious reason, receive a phone call from anyone asking you to open a remote maintenance session, this call is not a genuine request from our side, even on the pretext that there are technical problems at our end!