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Simple and safe form of investment? Attractive interest rate? Good reasons to opt for bonds from the Austrian Anadi Bank AG. Please note the corresponding exchange rate, credit rating and liquidity risks.

Here you can find our current issues. For more information you can download the relevant factsheet and conditions.

Variable Bond 2016 - 2022 of Austrian Anadi Bank AG - ISIN: AT0000A1P0Y6
Termsheet Variable Bond 2016 - 2022
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Conditions Variable Bond 2016 - 2022
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  • Denomination nominal EUR 100.
  • Manageable term.
  • 100% capital repayment at maturity (without taking into account any exchange profit taxation).
  • Bond prices may fluctuate during the term, the redemption of 100% of the nominal value is only guaranteed at the end of the term.
  • Premature sale is possible at the current market price of the bond, which is influenced by the market interest rate, liquidity, credit rating of the Austrian Anadi Bank AG and the principles of supply and demand. The Austrian Anadi Bank AG has no obligation to repurchase.
  • There is a possibility that you will get less than the invested capital after a short holding period.
  • Costs incurred, as stated in the current fee schedule, have a negative effect on earnings.
  • This bond is a bearer bond, i.e. by purchasing you bear an issuer's risk.

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