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Syndicated Financing

Austrian Anadi Bank as your syndication contact partner

With syndication or syndicated financing, usually one bank acts as arranger and agent or lead manager, and usually the customer concludes the syndicated loan agreement with this bank. Behind the scenes, however, the financing funds are usually also provided by other banks in addition, which become involved in the syndicated financing on the basis of syndication agreements or sub-participation agreements.

The advantage of this kind of syndicated financing for your company is that you have one contact partner, although in the background your financing is in fact economically speaking provided by a number of banks.

When you issue a syndicated financing mandate, we offer you the following services:

  • We take care of the structuring and placement of your financing.
  • We invite national and international banks to submit offers.
  • As agent, we continue to act as your contact partner after the agreement has been concluded. You can address all information, reports and queries to us.

We can provide all forms of financing, including in the form of syndications.


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