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All-In Business Konto

All In Business Account

The All In Business Account offers flexible solutions at fixed prices.

With our All In Business Account* we take the road to success together. Many offer ready-made solutions at flexible prices. We, instead, offer flexible solutions at fixed prices.

All In Account Management at EUR 154.69 per calendar quarter

  • Includes all transactions (electronic and via the counter)
  • Includes all cards (Maestro Debit Card** and Credit Card)
  • Free management of all accounts at Anadi Bank and other institutions via office banking
  • Best price guarantee for currency conversions
  • Free private account with online banking and cards

* * Offer for new customers of Austrian Anadi Bank AG, valid for 15 months from account opening. Thereafter the charge agreement can be terminated by Austrian Anadi Bank AG in writing with 3 months’ notice, and the charges as stated in the current list of charges at this time will apply for the Mittelstandskonto (SME account) after the notice period has expired. A minimum account turnover of EUR 2.5 million per annum is required. ** Standard availability limit up to EUR 400 cash withdrawal per day and up to EUR 1,100 POS payment limit per week. Surcharge for card with increased limits EUR 10.37 per annum.

 Product details  All In Business Account*

 New customers with a minimum of EUR 2.5M account turnover p.a.

Account Management Fee:

 Account Management Fee EUR 154.69 per calendar quarter

Services Included:


  • all electronic transactions, such as, e.g., direct debit, bank transfer, bank transfer via internet-/office-banking, standing order, etc.
  • all counter transactions, such as daily cash receipts
  • all ATM transactions as well as transactions via self service deposit and transaction terminals of Anadi Bank
  • setting-up/changing/deleting standing orders via internet-/office-banking
  • account statements via internet-/office banking or via self-service account statement printers
  • internet banking and/or office banking with unlimited connectivity to accounts with other banks for comprehensive accounts management in one application
  • Maestro Debit Card** with contactless payment function for one account holder
  • PayLife Business Gold Credit Card, incl. insurance for one account holder
  • best price currency conversion: 0,125 % min. EUR 10,- max. EUR 500,- per transaction, excl. 3rd party fees
  • one free private account incl. online banking, Maestro Debit Card, and free PayLife Gold Private Credit Card for one account holder
  • More information and conditions

Individual Supplementary Services:

  • POS Terminals help you with managing and processing your invoices

* Angebot für Neukunden der Austrian Anadi Bank AG gültig für 15 Monate ab Kontoeröffnung, danach kann die Gebührenvereinbarung durch die Austrian Anadi Bank AG mit 3-monatiger Kündigungsfrist schriftlich gekündigt werden, wobei dann nach Ablauf der Kündigungsfrist die Gebühren gem. dem zu diesem Zeitpunkt aktuellen Gebührenkatalog für das Mittelstandskonto gelten. Mindestkontoumsatz von EUR 2,5 Mio. p.a. vorausgesetzt.
** Standardverfügungslimit: bis zu EUR 400,- Bargeldbezug pro Tag und bis zu EUR 1.100,- POS-Kassenlimit pro Woche. Zuschlag für Karte mit erhöhten Limiten EUR 10,37 p.a.

Become a customer

You want to become a customer of the Anadi Bank? We will handle the account switch as quickly and easily as possible in a competent way, free of charge and without the bureaucracy.

The current account is the basis for all of your financial cash flow. This includes cash withdrawals, deposits, transfers and much more. All this must be perfectly adapted to your personal needs, to operate seamlessly and ultimately save time. Switch your current account to the Anadi Bank today and reap the benefits from the get go. We will do all the paperwork for you and in absolutely no time at all you can enjoy the features of your new account.

Switching accounts includes the following services free of charge:

  • all communication with your existing bank
  • closing the account at the existing bank
  • selection of a tailor-made account to meet your personal needs
  • opening the new account, including e - banking access and card request
  • setting up standing orders
  • contacting insurance companies or telephone providers as well as salary or pension payments about your new current account*

    Become a customer now


What can you expect after opening your account at the Anadi Bank:

Flexibility and Mobility:
  • 24-hour-acces to your account with the Maestro debit card**, credit card** and internet banking as well as mobile banking
  • personal overdraft limit with overdraft insurance helps you remain solvent and flexible
  • world-wide cash-free payment options and cash withdrawal options
  • earn interest with payment for goods up to 5 weeks later with your credit card***
Personal Finance Coaching:

Regular future communication with your account manager in order to best optimise your financial affairs.

  • reliable, scheduled events and automatic payment orders
  • internet banking with “mobileTAN” or "vaultTAN" on your mobile device
  • comprehensive travel insurance protection with your credit card***
  • life insurance with overdraft insurance for surviving dependents
  • online purchases with increased security standards with your credit card Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code
  • Regardless of which country you’re in in the world – you always have the right means of payment with your Maestro debit card and your credit card** and you’ll always be independent of currency while traveling. Please note, that magnet strip-based transactions with activated GeoControl status are rejected outside of Europe.
  • all information about GeoControl and deactivation options can be found here => GeoControl
  • not dependent on bank opening hours thanks to internet and mobile banking
  • minimal waiting times in branches due to modern self service devices
  • ongoing information transparency on bank statements and transaction lists in internet banking – „personal bookkeeping “
  • clearly manageable credit card bills
Savings opportunities:
  • time and money savings due to electronic processing of your payments
  • interest advantage, since purchases made with your credit card are debited up to 5 weeks later
  • with great additional offers from your credit Card*** in the fields of lifestyle, travel and culture
  • money savings due to regular future communications with your account manager
  • shortened processing deadlines due to the Payment Services Act

* Direct debits: Direct debit data cannot be passed on by your present bank. Please let us know the names of payees with whom you have direct debit agreements, preferably on the basis of your account statements.
** A Maestro debit card with contactless payment function and standard availability limits (up to EUR 400 cash withdrawal per day and up to EUR 1,100 POS payment limit per week) is included. For cards with higher availability limits a surcharge applies as stated on the current Austrian Anadi Bank AG list which is on display at branches.
*** Dependent on your credit rating.

At Austrian Anadi Bank we are always ready to help you.
Whether you need account assistance, product information or answers to online banking we are happy to help. Please feel free to contact us by email, telephone or get in touch with one of our branches directly.