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Housing Loan


Housing Loan

With our housing loan, your future is in safe hands.

Have you already planned out your home in your mind? Then lay the first and most important foundation with us: the financing.

The Anadi Bank is your strong partner for your housing loan. You can count on know-how, service, flexibility, and above all an attractive 20 year fixed interest housing loan. Here we show you a non-binding, representative example for the construction of a home:

Here we show you a non-binding, representative example for the construction of a home:

  • Cost EUR 300,000
  • Financing sum EUR 180,000
  • Additional costs and remaining purchase price to be financed through own capital
  • 25 years term
  • 20 years fixed interest rate

20 year fixed interest housing loan
Loan amount EUR 180,000

300 months (25 years)

Interest rate*

Initial fixed interest rate of 2.60% per annum for 20 years from signing of the contract,

then variable interest rate (indicator 3 Month EURIBOR additional surcharge of 2.60 % points)

Minimum interest rate 2.60 %
Administration Fee EUR 3,600
Account maintenance fee EUR 51.87
Total cost** EUR 73,470
Effective interest rate** 3.0682 % p.a.
Security** Maximum mortgage amount up to 130 % of the loan sum (i.e. EUR 234,000)
Monthly rate EUR 823
Total amount EUR 246,797
Gesamtkreditbetrag** Total loan amount**


Talk to us about your lifelong dream!
Our housing experts in the Anadi Branches develop the right financing plan for you!

* The debit interest is calculated on a 360-calendar-day basis. Debit interest is charged on a current-account basis from the outstanding capital in arrears.
** “Total costs” are understood as all costs including interest, commission, taxes and costs of any kind (except for notary’s fees) which the borrower has to pay in connection with the loan agreement and which are known to the lender. In the above example, the following normally arising costs are taken into account in the “total costs” position: EUR 3,073.00 (EUR 2,808.00 registration fee, EUR 30.00 Land Register enquiry, EUR 15.00 Kreditschutzverband (Austrian creditor protection association), EUR 220.00 valuation cost). The collateralisation can vary in the individual case, so that the cost burden and thus the effective annual interest, the total costs and also the total loan amount can also change accordingly. Since the above example has been calculated on the basis of the above debit interest rate, this applies also in the event of any change in interest rate.

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