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You want to become a customer of the Anadi Bank? We will handle the account switch as quickly and easily as possible in a competent way, free of charge and without the bureaucracy.

The current account is the basis for all of your financial cash flow. This includes cash withdrawals, deposits, transfers and much more. All this must be perfectly adapted to your personal needs, to operate seamlessly and ultimately save time. Switch your current account to the Anadi Bank today and reap the benefits from the get go. We will do all the paperwork for you and in absolutely no time at all you can enjoy the features of your new account.

Switching accounts includes the following services free of charge:

  • All communication with your existing bank.
  • Closing the account at the existing bank.
  • Selection of a tailor-made account to meet your personal needs.
  • Opening the new account, including e - banking access and card request.
  • Setting up standing orders.
  • Payers who make recurring incoming transfers to their account (e.g. salary/pension payment agencies) and payees who collect cash amounts by direct debit (e.g. insurance companies, telephone suppliers etc.) are informed by us concerning the new bank account.*

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