Proprietors | Austrian Anadi Bank



  • 100% of the bank’s shares are held by the Anadi Financial Holdings Pte. Ltd., an enterprise owned by Dr. Sanjeev Kanoria.
  • Family Kanoria’s corporate group is one of the leading corporate groups in India. They are predominantly active in the finance (SREI), infrastructure, and social and health care sectors.
  • The goal of the owners is to maintain the character of an Austrian bank; absolute security for cash deposits and support for initiatives and companies within the context of healthy growth.
  • The bank is planning to diversify their product line with new finance products through a strategic cooperation with the SREI Infrastructure Finance Ltd. and will then be able to exhaust their potential in the international business sector.
  • The partnership offers the necessary local expertise to companies which wish to orient themselves internationally from Europe towards Asia or vice-versa. This enables the bank to take on a bridging function.