Identification - non EU | Austrian Anadi Bank

Legal entites with their place of incorporation not in the EU

Identification by a recognized certification authority

Required documents:

  • Completed customer data sheet
  • Copies of the representatives´passports
  • Extract from the company´s register; the extract not to be older than 6 weeks
  • Corporate documents such as founding documents and articles of association
  • Signed confirmation that the place of incorporation is also the seat of the central administration (Confirmation on Know your customer form)
  • Directors or company´s representatives powers evidencing that the representative is empowered to sign on behalf ot the company (power of attorney not older than 6 weeks)
  • Audited annual accounts of the last 24 months
  • Announcement of the beneficial owners (such as register of shares)
  • Declaration respectively if necessary certificate of Incumbency covering tax related issues (= Certificate of Incumbency)
  • Confirmation of identification exclusively notarized with an apostille*

*Notarization of documents according to Haager Convention. If a country is not member of this convention, identification can only be done by the main banks of the Austrian representation identification process. India is a member / Singapore is no member;

Datasheet - legal entities
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Sample Certificate of Incumbency
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If you would like to enjoy the benefits of our International Business Account please return the required documents. Ideally, we would like you to send your documents via E-Mail or postal service to one of the following addresses: Contact for legal entities.